Top 3 Proven Ways to Activate Windows 10 for Free

By | 4 July 2019

Hey Wizardious readers, today I am back with another trick on how to activate windows 10 for free. Before you use this methods to activate your windows, I must warn you that if you are using a pirated version of windows, first of all, it’s fully illegal second you will not be getting any updates by Microsoft that means you are more prone to the virus-like wannacry ransomware and last but not the least that using this pirated version of windows you can’t access some apps and services by Microsoft.

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So if you still want to continue with that cracked version of Windows and you are looking for a way to activate your Windows 10 free, Whoa! You are at the right place. In this post, I will be telling you about the best 3 ways with which you can activate your windows.

Note: I have shared 3 methods to activate windows. You can go with any one of the following methods.

Method 1:- Activate Windows 10 by using CMD

Step 1: Click here to download the file.

Step 2: Go to your download directory and locate a file named “Windows 10 activator.cmd”.

Windows 10 activate with CMD

Step 3:  Right click on the file, then left click on “run as administrator”

How to activate windows 10 without key

Step 4: CMD panel will pop up showing a message “activating you windows” on screen.  

Activating windows 10 crack free

Step 5: Wait until “Product activated successfully” appears. 

Activated windows 10 crack

Step 6: Congratulations your Window is activated now.

Windows 10 activated without product key

Method 2:- Activating Windows 10 with KMspico

Step 1: Download KMspico by clicking here. ( Password- )

Step 2: Locate the downloaded file and extract using Winrar or any other zip extractor.

Step 3: Double click on the folder named “Activator”. There will be 3 items in the folder.

KMspico Download

Step  4: Right-click on “AAct.exe” if you have 32-bit of Windows or “AAct_x64.exe” if you have 64-bit of windows. Then left click on “Run as administrator”.

Windows Activation KMspico

Step 5: Now click on “Windows Activation”.

Activate Windows 10 for Free

Step 6: Congratulation you windows is activated now.

Windows Activated by KMspico

Here’s a bonus, you can also activate Microsoft office package from this just click on office activation.

Method 3:- Activating Windows 10 with Microsoft Toolkit

Step 1: Turn off Windows Defender (Real Time, Cloud Delivery Protection and Automatic Sample Submission) or any other antivirus you are using. (Important)

Step 2: Click here to download Microsoft Toolkit.

Step 3: Extract using Winrar or any other zip extractor.

Step 4: Open the extracted folder and right click on “Microsoft Toolkit.exe” and left click on “Run as administrator”.

Activate Windows 10 for Free

Step 5: Now click on the windows icon on the right.

Microsoft Toolkit

Step 6:  Select the “Product keys” tab and then click on the “Check System” to get information about your product and edition.

crack windows 10 pro

Step 7: Now select your Product and Edition from the “Product Selection” menu.

Activate windows 10 crack

Step 8: Now click on install and “<Product key installation successful>” message will appear.

how to activate windows 10 without key

Step 9: Now click on the “Activation” tab and then click on  “EZ-Activator”.

windows 10 crack activator

Step 10: Congrats your windows is activated now. A “Product activation successful” message will appear on the information console.

how to activate windows 10 product key

Method 2 and method 3 can also be used to activate other versions of windows and Microsoft office packages.

I hope this helped you in activating your windows 10 free but still if you faced some errors while activating your windows you can comment it below, we will always be there for you to solve any quires and if you liked the post don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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