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Amazon Prime Cookies and Accounts

Amazon Prime Cookies, Cookies for Amazon Prime, Free Amazon Prime Accounts – Hey Guys, I hope you are safe in this hard time and playing your role in fighting against Cornavirus by making yourself isolated from society and following this Do The Five. I truly understand that you are getting bored by just sitting at home but here’s a good news for you. Today, I will be providing you with the Amazon Prime Video cookies hack

I hope this puts a smile on your face. So, now don’t you dare to leave this post now and follow every step mentioned here carefully. Let’s start by telling you more about Amazon Prime Accounts. All the techies out there are welcome to skip this part.

amazon prime cookies

Just like Hotstar and Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is the online streaming service owned by Amazon. It comes free with Amazon Prime Membership which is priced for Rs.999 and under special Youth and student offers you can get it for as low as Rs.499. There are more than 19,000 movies and 2000 web series in it that you can watch to spend your time.

In this post, I will be sharing a total of 10 free Amazon Prime account and promise you to weekly update the cookies. The good thing about these Amazon Prime Video accounts is that multiple users can access these accounts at the same time but sometimes it may ask you to confirm device or OTP for login. You don’t need to worry about that just see the instruction below to log in successfully. Let’s start as usual by knowing more about Amazon cookies.

What are Amazon Prime Cookies?

Non-Geek persons may be wondering that what actually is a cookie.

Well, cookies are a small piece of data that is saved on your devices when you visit a website over the internet.

How Amazon Prime Cookies Work?

As I earlier said cookies are a piece of data that is stored on your smartphones or computer. Now we will use a simple trick that is I will copy cookies from the device and give you the link for cookies. So you can access prime video account.

Amazon Prime Video Cookies For PC and Mobile

So as I mentioned above, We will use a trick to make this Amazon Prime Cookies work. This trick is quite easy for pc users but to use cookies on mobile it’s a little bit complicated. So the first step is the same for both the user copy the Amazon Prime cookies from below.

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Amazon Prime Cookies

Amazon Prime Cookies 1

Click Here


Amazon Prime Cookies 2

Click Here


Amazon Prime Moded APK

Click Here

Features Of Amazon Prime Video Accounts :

  • Access to 19,000+ Movies and 2000+ Web Series in different languages.
  • Multiple users can use the same account.
  • Access to Amazon Prime Music.
  • Unlimited access to free ebooks.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Videos Free On PC?

To watch Amazon Prime free by using cookies on the PC is very simple. Just follow all the steps mentioned below very carefully and there a request from me that please don’t logout the account when you are logged in. This makes cookies unusable for the others.

  1. So as many of you know, You first need to install the “Edit This Cookies” extension on your chrome browser from the link below. If you use Mozilla you can just Google it.

2. Now visit the Amazon Prime Offical Website form here.

3. Click on Edit This Cookies extension appearing at the top right side of your browser.

4. After that click on the “Delete” button appearing at the first position from left. (May differ for you)

5. Then click on “Import” options to import the cookies you copied from above.

Edit this cookies  extension

6. Now just refresh the page. Congrat’s you are logged in, Enjoy your favorite shows now.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Videos Free On Your Smartphones?

As I earlier said this method is quite complicated. So you can skip this part and directly login account by copying username and password from below. If you are still here, I appreciate it now just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. At first, You need to open PlayStore and install Yandex Browser on your smartphone.

Download Yandex Browser

2. Now the steps are almost similar for PC. Just install the “Edit This Cookies” extension from the link below by opening it on Yandex Browser.

3. After that visit, Amazon Prime Video Official Website on your Yandex Browser.

4. Then click on 3 dots at the bottom and search for extension and click on it.

5. Now just “Delete” and “Import” cookies that you copied from above.

6. Now refresh the page and you will be logged in automatically.

Well, I hope now you are successfully logged in. Sit back and watch your favorite show now 100% free.

Note: Once you are logged in a account, please don’t try to logout this makes cookies not usable to other people

Free Amazon Prime Videos Accounts

Here, I have shared a list of more than 10 accounts for you. These all accounts are fully working and tested by me personally. As I earlier said that multiple people can access the account and watch videos from these accounts, So you don’t need to worry about anything.

Just copy the email address and password from below and paste it on Amazon Prime Video app or website you will be logged in. I have shrinked some passwords so that everyone will not try to login to the same account. You just need to solve captcha to see the password.

Username -
Password - 9837239138
Username -
Password - Click Here
Username -
Password - Click Here
Username -
Password - Click Here
Username -
Password - Click Here

More Accounts Coming Soon…

Amazon Prime Accounts Asking For Verification Fix:

If you are reading this post late, these accounts may be requesting for OTP or device verification. This error occurs just because there are more than 10 users logged into the same account. So now we will fix this error.

Solution 1: Just email me with a username and click on verify through email on your device. I will provide you the OTP so you can successfully login.

Solution 2: Try to login through username and password that are shrunk and contain captcha verification because there is high possibility that these accounts are used by fewer people.

Frequently Asked Question :

Question- Are Cookies Safe to use?

Answer- Yes, these cookies are 100% safe to use, as long as you use it as discussed above.

Question- How many maximum numbers of people can use a single account?

Answer- The maximum number of people who can use a single account is 25, after that, you can’t log in.

Question- When will these accounts Prime Membership expire?

Answer- These accounts have a 1-month trial membership, so it will expire after 1 month.

Final Words :

I hope now you all have access to free Amazon Prime Account and cookies for amazon prime. If you still have any queries regarding anything or any issue regarding accounts please comment it below. I am always here to solve your queries.

So that’s all for now, If you want us to write the next post on some other interesting topics please mention it in the comment below. We will surely take your suggestion into consideration.

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