Content Marketing Tool That Will Double Your Search

If you want to improve your marketing, then you need help from modern tools. Content marketing is fun but is not as easy as it looks. You have to be well-informed about the new parameters and ranking factors of the search engines as well as the trends and expectations of the audience. In this post, we are going to tell you about some of the common tools that are going to help you in doubling your search ranking position. If you want to index new content or rank old one, then you need these tools to optimize your site or page!

Title generator tool

The title of your content is very important; it works like a logo does for a brand. If your title is not attractive, then the audience would be least interested in finding out what you have to say in your content. Hence, if you want to increase your search position and want to engage the audience, then you need to get the best title for your content. There are many title generator tools available on the internet, but the one by Hemmingway is one of the best ones. You can also get help from Google trends to check the ongoing trendy topics discussed by the audience. Writing on trendy topics is another useful way of getting to the top position in no time at all!

Keyword finder by Google

If you want to market your content and double your search ratio, then you must know that the only way you can target your audience and make your content visible to them is with the help of keywords. Keywords are religiously important for content marketing; if you don’t use keywords, then there is no way your work can get to the top shelves no matter how well-researched and unique your content is. The Google keyword finder tool is one of the best utilities on the internet that can help you find out the most relative and high-ranked keywords for your niche. You have to use the keywords very carefully; you have to adjust the keywords in a very natural way so that your work does not look artificial!


The is the best plagiarism tool available online in cyberspace. Plagiarism checking is essential for every person who wants to publish content on their business website. If you want to rid of all the duplicate content and negative errors from your content, then you need a reputed and accurate plagiarism checker like the one offered by this utility website. Now you must be thinking why plagiarism detectors and scanning helps double your search.

Well, the answer to this query is that the search engine as well as the traffic on the web both demand unique content from the creator or website owner. If you publish plagiarized content, especially in marketing, then you are going to face a lot of bash in this regard. Instead of going up, plagiarism can take you down and in severe cases can also cause legal trouble. This is why using a plagiarism checker is important. Do not worry; PlagiarismDetector is a free and reliable online tool.


Grammarly is a famous tool and not only in one country but all across the globe because of its advanced features. Grammarly, as the name tells us it has something to do with grammar, the main purpose of this tool is to check your written content for grammatical and other human errors. The tool is capable of checking the quality of all kinds of essays, including the ones prepared for academic purposes and even the ones for marketing. You have to set your preferences and start scanning the content. Grammarly would tell you about spelling mistakes, wrong use of vocabulary, unclear sentences, grammar issues, punctuation, delivery issues in your work and also engagement errors. Not only the tool will highlight the mistakes, but it will also provide you with solutions with just one-click. If you post high-quality content, then you are going to get to the top ranks in no time at all!

Pingdom website speed test

The Pingdom website speed test, as the name tells us, is an especially important tool that can help you check the speed of your website. You have no idea how important website or webpage speed is. Today time has become more valuable than money and people have become more impatient than ever. If your website pr page loading speed is more than three seconds, then you must know that it is going to affect the position of your website to the SERPs seriously. You have to make sure that your website speed is well-optimized and is always less than four seconds. This is an especially important tool for checking this metric!

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