Best Content Writing Hacks in 2020 [ How to rank Top in Google Search ]

We believe that writing is a form of entertainment that has an impactful meaning behind it. It can also be a source of knowledge and inspiration.

And, let us tell you: If you’re able to provide value then you are eventually noticed!

Have you ever wondered?

– Where do you seek content from when marketing needs are required?

– Where do you get the attraction of your target audience?

– Where do you pick the best ideas for formatting?

A top-notch blog is an answer, and that’s where you get all your answers!

New channels of media, trends, various tactics may come and go but good content stays in the mind! Make it a powerful tool for your business with best content writing hacks for this year, 2020.

It’s time to re-think your content plan and create a modest strategy that influences the people. Make sure that your words are not just compelling but also have the power to increase the potential to attract more audience and generate leads.

Content as a vision that is portrayed on a blank canvas. It is somehow related to summoning an ocean of a flawless copy that creates motivation for the readers. We list down a few content writing hacks that work well in 2020. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!

1. Have a Clear Topic

Don’t waste your time spending hours planning an attractive blog topic. Create a simple and clear topic that precisely describes what you’re going to write upon.

Once you’ve decided on the topic, it will help you to not lose the track of your writing. Take out your diary, and start brainstorming if you’re facing trouble with writing a blog post. Initially, you can start with a wide topic and once the flow begins you can narrow it down and write on the specific portions.

Our writers brainstorm their mind before they start writing on any topic and think about the WHY. Let’s quote with an example:

* Seek a broad topic for your content.

* How one must write content for blogs?

* How one would write content if he/she is not a content writer?

* How to write quickly if you’re not a content writer?

Once you get more attention to the detailing, your mind will handle it soon and will start covering all the ideas. Eventually, it will show up in your writing. Content writing does not mean to write ramble amounts of anything.

You need to give your content the right direction and steer the wheel accordingly. You need to write in a way your audience likes. If you still get some creative ideas that are not relevant to your specific blog topic, keep it for the latter.

2. Know When to Take a Break

This is primarily the most integral part of writing a blog. We understand how the writer’s mind goes from 0-100.

We understand the scope of the market is always trending and it should reflect in our blog. But, you need to understand that sometimes pushing won’t do any justice to the creative part. Try setting timers if that works effectively for you.

You don’t need to write a paragraph as one sentence. Understand when there should be spaces, commas, hyphens, semi-colons, etc. No wonder, there should be a sense of detailing in each of the key elements.

Think of your content as a piece of art that you wish to decorate. You don’t need to use flowery words to over-decorate it.

The perfect content writing must have attractive visuals as they are appealing to the readers and makes them understand the text well. If you’re still not sure about when to take a break then it’s an alarm to start using tools such as Grammarly.

Even if you’re writing a long sentence at one go, it’s no harm unless it is making sense. And so does your short sentences! Just make sure that it is self-explanatory.

3. Write long-form content

As we discussed content copies should be crisp and clear. Nowadays, everyone wants to grab their audience’s attention which furthermore makes it a constant struggle.

Make sure that you’re spending a lot of time researching what should your copy include. Let us remind you, the trend “Long form of content” is still loved by the audience. Merely because:

* It helps in building trust amongst the readers.

* Showcase your personality in your writing style.

* SEO is yet another aspect that needs to be improvised.

* Delves into your topic and write well-researched content.

Did you know writing a long-form of content helps in ranking higher on search engines?

The good writers like the ones in our digital marketing agency are afraid to go in-depth and create well-researched content.

A 1500-word article may take five minutes of your time but it is worth the read. As it provides informative content and covers all the details.

4. Make your SEO smarter

Lastly, SEO is the powerhouse that brings all the focus on your content. 2020 is all about making your content as SEO friendly and more strategic.

What can you do to create some impact?

* Shortlist a few keywords, and then select long-tail keywords that help your content to stand out.

* Remember, you don’t need to stuff keywords in your content. Rather improve your content with the focused keywords.

* You can go for snippets, visual graphics, aim for ranking in the SERPs. Try exploring new ways to write content!

The SEO content plan for your next blog must address and cover all the reader’s requisites. Your goals should always be to deliver a great experience to your customers and your readers.

What’s next ?

Start creating kickass content. At times, few simple steps can also lead to the pinnacle of success.

Take a look at these above trends and acknowledge them by improving your content. All you need to do is be creative and confident while writing the article and you are good to go.

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