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By | 30 April 2020

Ever wish you could record videos of anyone without letting any other person know that you are recording their videos? Today I have come with the list of best-hidden camera apps for android. These apps are fully legal and open source. With these apps you can spy on any anybody as these apps provide the feature of background recording, starting recording after a specified time, inbuilt video player and many more another great feature of these apps is that you can disable all the annoying notification of start/stop.

These apps can convert your Android phones into a spy gadget and help you in your daily activities, for example, you work in a pizza delivery service and if any customer makes a false claim that you had not delivered there order then if you have these apps you can record videos of your delivery without letting any other person know.

So we have put together the list of best-hidden camera apps for Android that will surely help you and will make you the best spy in the world.

1. Quick Video Recorder

Quick Video Recorder

This is the best among all the other hidden camera apps for Android with 5 million+ downloads over play store. This app not only provides users to record videos online but also provides the other features like enabling or disabling the camera shutter sound, trimming the video after recording them, multiple video resolutions, night mode and many more.

The best thing about this app which makes it different from others is that it provides the user to schedule the recording at a specific time and allows the user to turn off the notifications of the app. This app has a pro version too with only 290 INR/month which provides the user with an ad-free experience and many more.

2. iRecorder    


This app is almost similar to the previous one but the thing that makes it different is that it allows users to set a numerical lock so no other people can access the app without the key. The other feature of this app is that it can be integrated with Google drives and have a great option of auto stop which stops the video recording as soon as the device storage is low.

This hidden camera app for Android provides the user with a beautiful Graphical User Interface and has 1 million+ downloads in play store.

3. Secret Video Recorder

As the name says Secret Video Recorder, so it works. While you recording video through this app you can use your phone normally and no other person can tell you that you are recording a video. This app is not available in play store but available in the other App stores with almost 50k+ downloads. This app allows the users to set a pattern lock to access this app. The thing that makes you fall in love with this application is that it allows the users to start the video recording by sending a message and this app can even record videos during the phone calls.

4. Silent Secret Camera HD (SPY Camera)

Spy Camera

All the above applications will help you to take videos secretly but this hidden camera app for Android will help you take photos secretly. You can click photos through this app gently and secretly. This app provides you with various secret screen modes like an Internet browser and black screen while you take the photos. This app also provides you with the feature of autofocus too.

So if you want to take someone photos without being caught this hidden camera app for Android is the best solution for you.

5. Super Spy Camera+Pros

This is another hidden camera app for android that can help you to take the picture of all those moments that you won’t take pictures of but you are embarrassed to do so at that time this app will always be there with you. This app provides the feature of auto shots which can take pictures silently and after that user can also preview their photos in a custom resolution. This application has 25k+ downloads over Aptoide App Store. So you can give try to this app.

Note: All the above applications are for positive use only. We will be not responsible if you negatively use these hidden camera apps.

These apps will prove to be the best option for you to spy on somebody rather than buying those costly spying gadgets. So which of these apps you like most? Let us know in the comment section below and for more amazing posts like this, you can subscribe to our newsletters today.

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