5+ Exploring Some Interesting Offbeat Places In Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India, and it also happens to be the first choice for people looking to book the best flights to India from USA.

As a center of heritage and culture, Mumbai offers some of the most amazing views and sights in India.

The city is littered with places that you visit and explore. Right from the famous Gateway Of India to Marine Drive to Juhu Beach, the list of tourist spots is neverending.

Apart from all these popular tourist destinations, Mumbai has tons of hidden gems that you need to explore when you book your flights to Mumbai.

If you really want to get a closer look at the beauty and culture of Mumbai, then you need to go and explore some of the lesser-known places in the city.

If you are someone who enjoys exploring more than just the popular destinations, then this list of offbeat places in Mumbai is made just for you.

Go Mural Spotting At Ranwar Village:

If you are someone who enjoys beautiful art splashed across walls, then taking a walk around the Ranwar Village should definitely be on your itinerary.

This village celebrates a history spanning 400 years, and there is some pretty interesting art inspired by Bollywood across the walls here.

Visiting the festival organized here every week before Christmas is a great time to explore the area.

There is also a great deal of good traditional architecture to be explored here as well.

Explore Khotachi Wadi:

Mumbai has a history spanning a long period of time. At one point in history, Mumbai had a significant Portuguese population.

This Portuguese aspect of Mumbai is very well represented in two of the most well-preserved colonies called Khotachi Wadi.

Declared to be heritage buildings, people interested in architecture will surely have a great time exploring this area.

The best time to visit this place is definitely Christmas, as the Christmas decorations will take you back in time and give you a deeper insight into the lives of the people here.

The locals have put in a lot of effort into preserving this area, and you will be able to witness it when you visit.

Visit The Afghan Church:

Given that this is the oldest Church in India, it is a shame that the Afghan Church is not a frequently visited spot.

The Church enjoyed a rather important place in history as the tall tower of the Church was the first visible structure for sailors and an indication of a successful journey. The name Afghan Church comes from the first Anglo-Afghan war.

Another interesting feature of the Church is that the names of all the soldiers who lost their lives during the war are marked across the walls of the Church.

With the interesting style of architecture and even more interesting history, the Afghan Church is a true wonder for most tourists.

Explore The Chinese Temple In Mumbai:

Now, this may come as a surprise to most, but the Kwang Kung Tai Shek temple in Mumbai is the only Chinese temple that you will find here.

A good number of Chinese traders resided in the city in the past, and a few of those decided to stay back forever.

These people, though Indians by now, have managed to hang on to some of their traditions. This temple is a place where the last few Chinese families come together and pray during the Chinese New Year.

This incredible temple surely deserves a spot on every itinerary for its unique history.

Baan Ganga:

Most people will be pleasantly surprised by this place, located in the South of Mumbai. The legend goes that when Lord Ram and Lakshman passed through this place while looking for Sita, Lord Ram asked Lakshman to get some water for him.

Lakshman obeyed his instructions and pointed an arrow to the ground, thus creating a tributary of Ganga here.

The name Baan (arrow) Ganga is derived from this unique legend. This freshwater tank is a soothing sight for anyone, and this place is a must-visit for people coming to Mumbai.

See The Bassein Fort:

The Bassein Fort is another location in Mumbai that gives you a glimpse of its Portuguese history.

These ruins are in the shape of a basin, and the name Bassein Fort is derived from there. Popularly known as Vasai Fort, this place is a unique architectural wonder that tourists can explore.

The main point of attraction is the Church that is located at the heart of the ruins. Located along the Vasai beach, this spot offers you two beautiful places to visit at the same time.

A perfect place to hang out with friends, the Vasai or Bassein Fort is a great place for tourists.

Although these are just a handful of the hidden gems shrouded by the concrete jungle that is Mumbai, these are good places to begin your offbeat journey.

So, reserve your flights to Mumbai as soon as you can embark on a journey to discover some of the most amazing offbeat places that the city has to offer.

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