Trick To Get Selfie and Disco Stamp In Google Pay | All Methods

By | 29 December 2019

Tricks For Google Pay Selfie and Disco Stamps

Google Pay Disco Stamp, Google Pay Selfie Stamp, Google Pay Stamps – Hi readers, So as we all know Google Pay recently launched it’s Google Pay Welcome 2020 offer in which you have to complete the cake by collecting all the 7 Stamps and get Rs.202 to Rs.2020 and there is also reward for completing each layer.

Google Pay 2020

The first layer 3 stamps Balloon, DJ, and Sunglasses are easy to get. In the second layer, Toffe and Pizza are also easy to get. But it’s very difficult to get Disco and Selfie. In this post, I will be discussing all the methods by which you surely can get Disco and Selfie stamps.

How To Get Selfie and Disco Stamp?

Here, I will be discussing both the official method and tricks to get the Selfie and Disco stamps you can go with any method. If you are still looking for Toffee, Pizza or any other stamps you can just comment below we and everyone will try to help you.

1st Method To Get Selfie and Disco Stamp:- (Offical)

Do 2 Billpay Payments:- Just do 2 recharges or DTH Bill Payments there are 99% chances you will get your rare stamps.

Refer a friend:- Just refer a new user to Google Pay you will surely get a rare stamp. You can also use the refer trick.

2nd Method To Get Selfie and Disco Stamp:- (Gift a friend)

  1. At first, you need 6 DJ and 6 Balloons for this trick.

2. Now send all the DJ and Balloons to unique users.

3. After that ask your friends to claim all those stamps.

4. Now you will get 5 stamps for gifting your friends.

5. Only claim those stamps once your all friends claim all the 12 stamps. (Important)

6. Many people including me got Selfie and disco stamps by this trick.

3rd Method To Get Selfie and Disco Stamp:- (Refer Trick)

  1. You need a new Phone number for this trick.

2. Copy your invite link and then uninstall Google Pay from your phone.

3. Now paste your Google Pay invite link in the browser and Download Google Pay.

4. Now Signup using your new phone number and you’re referring will be counted.

5. Now log out or clear data and log in using your old account details.

6. That’s it you will get a rare stamp for referring your friends.

4th Method To Get Selfie and Disco Stamp:- (Failed Recharge Trick)

This trick involves risk. So you can try this at your own risk many people get stamps from this trick.

  1. In this trick, you have to do a Recharge of Rs.98 or more to get Disco or Selfie stamps.

2. Open your Google Pay app.

3. Enter a JIO phone number and select the operator manually as MTNL Mumbai.

4. Select the Recharge amount as Rs.99 and proceed to recharge.

5. You recharge will be failed and you will get a refund for failed recharge.

6. You will get a stamp for your recharge and refund too.

5th Method To Get Selfie and Disco Stamp:- (Urban Clap Trick)

  1. Open your Goggle Pay application.

2. Go To Offers Section And Select Urban Clap Offer.

3. Click On Book Now.

4. Select Salon For Men. (Select Location: Delhi Sector 26/27 any)

5. Select Hair Cut For Men For Rs 249 and now fill any details. Pay Rs 249 Via Gpay UPI.

6. You will get one scratch card (Maximum chance to get Selfie/disco)

7. Now you have to cancel the booking. In the business section on HomePage, You will find Urban Clap click on it and select manage booking, and cancel it.

8. You will receive your refund within 48 hrs.

Note: Try this trick at your own risk.

6th Method To Get Selfie and Disco Stamp:- (Telegram Giveaways)

Here, I am giving a list of all the Telegram channels that are doing daily giveaways. You can join these channels to get rare stamps in these giveaways.

  • @TricksWizard
  • @TricksWizards
  • @tricks4recharge
  • @technicalgearofficals
  • @icoolzTricks
  • @freekamaal7
  • @Google_Pay_Stamp_Giveaway
  • @Google_Pay_2020_Rs
  • @Google_pay_202Rs
  • @Google_pay_2020_trick

If you guys also know more channels doing Giveaway of stamps please don’t forget to comment it below and also tell if you have completed your Google Pay 2020 cake or not.

If there will be any new method to get Selfie and Disco stamp we will be updating it here. So stay tuned.

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