Travel Items That Only Add Unwanted Extra Weight To Your Luggage


Once you’ve booked your flights to Mumbai, it is time that you get on with your packing. Packing can either be fun or extremely tiring, depending on the person.

But regardless of that, packing is one aspect of the trip that requires some skill, even if it doesn’t seem that way. When you are traveling to a far off place, it can be really easy for most people to overpack.

Given the strict baggage limits imposed by most airlines, you need to be very careful about the kind and amount of things that you pack.

Packing for long trips is an art that requires much experience.

To help you with this learning process, we have put together a list of things that need to go from your suitcase. These are the things that you think you need, but you don’t.

So, if you are someone who struggles with packing only the things you need and always ends up with a suitcase surpassing the weight limit, here is a list of definite no-no’s to help you reduce some of that extra weight you have packed.

Jewelry and other valuables:

We understand that you always want to look good and that you consider that expensive necklace or rings or bangles an essential accessory. Maybe you are right.

Maybe that beautiful piece of jewelry does make you look great. But, you do not need it for your next trip to India. Carrying jewelry or any other kind of valuables is always a mistake when traveling abroad.

Not only does it add extra weight to your baggage, but it will also require extra care on your part. So, save yourself the trouble and take it out right now.

Those extra toiletries:

So, all of us have that particular shampoo brand that we love so much that we just can’t live without it.

But, you don’t need to carry a big bottle of it when you travel. Going overboard with toiletries is a common mistake people make, without actually realizing that toiletries add a lot of weight to your luggage.

Anything that you need will surely be available at your destination, so don’t overpack. If you really can’t live without a particular shampoo or conditioner, then just put them in small bottles so you cut down on some of that weight.

Too many clothes:

Going overboard with clothes for a vacation is very easy.

You start packing your favorite white shirt, black jeans, leather jacket, and before you know it, your suitcase is overflowing with clothes that you don’t necessarily need for the trip.

Always count the number of days you will be staying at a place and the weather conditions. This will help you in packing a limited number of clothes that suit the local climate.

Those nice shoes:

No, you most definitely do not need that pair of new heels you just bought. Maybe you will go out for a party for one night of your entire trip.

Maybe there will be a chance to dress up once in seven days. But, it is most definitely not worth it to carry your nicest pair of shoes just for that one occasion.

Instead, you can choose to bring a pair of shoes that are comfortable and match your night out dress, so you don’t have to pack double the stuff that you need.

Towels that weigh a ton:

Nobody wants a damp and stinky bag. But, when you pack a bulky towel that takes a long time to dry up, you risk your bag becoming damp and stinky.

Additionally, it also takes up extra space in your luggage and adds extra unrequired weight to your suitcase. Instead, you can choose to carry small swimmers towels that dry easily and are light in weight.

This way you don’t have to worry about drying out your towels while you are on a holiday, and you also cut down on that unnecessary extra weight.


Reading is a wonderful hobby in general, and it will also help you pass those long hours on the flight or elsewhere.

But, it is rather easy for most bibliophiles to forget about the weight that books add to luggage and take a lot more books than they need. Anytime you are packing a book, you need to remember that one book is sufficient for the trip.

You can always buy more books at airports or train stations or bus stations. Nowadays, many hostels also have small libraries that you can use. So, be careful and don’t go overboard with books.

Final Words:

This list will surely help you cut down on those extra kilos of luggage that you pack without thinking.

The golden “What if…” rule is another thing you need to remember when you pack. Anytime you think about packing something, and the sentence starts with “What if…”, know that you don’t need that thing.

This list, along with the golden rule will be your best companion when you are packing for your next flights to Mumbai. So, grab the best flights to India from USA and head off to a great adventure.

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