How to Add Watermark Using a Video Maker

By | 11 February 2023

Today, people consume massive amounts of digital content, especially videos. As a content creator, you need to protect your intellectual property. As more video content gets posted and shared, it becomes vital to watermark your videos. This helps people identify who the original creator of the content is. If you don’t know where to start, you can use a video maker editing tool to help you get started. This digital solution can effectively help you safeguard your brand because you can readily customize your watermark for your content. 

What Exactly is a Watermark?

A watermark is a still image that overlaps your whole video. Most watermarks work well because they’re not obtrusive. They do not interfere with the message of the video itself. You can place it discreetly at the corner of the video using an opaque or transparent logo of your brand. 

However, some people fear the pirates can still steal the videos by cutting off the corners, so they opt to put the watermark in the center or cover the whole video dimension. Again, since the watermark can be transparent, it will not interfere with the primary content.

A watermark must be a recognizable image or several words that viewers can identify with your brand. But the most crucial consideration when placing them is they should not be too intrusive. Otherwise, they will just distract your viewers from your content. Thankfully, you can easily add a permanent watermark in your desired location in all of your video content with a video maker. 

Why Add a Watermark to Videos? 

Firstly, adding watermarks offers you a great way to include a little subtle branding to all the videos you share online. After all, you can include your company logo or tagline to help promote your business. Having this sit in the corner for the duration of the video helps increase brand familiarity and awareness. Even just placing your website URL in the corner works well, as the address eventually gets stuck in your viewers’ minds. 

Secondly, a watermark proves your authority and acts as evidence that safeguards your interest. For example, you take someone to court for stealing your intellectual property; the watermark serves as your copyright or proof of ownership. Remember, since time immemorial, the most outstanding artists like Monet, Rembrandt, or Picasso put their signatures on their work. The simple branding in the corner shows they made the materials so other people cannot forge or stake a claim for their notable works of art. 

Finally, the most major perk of adding a watermark to your videos is your content will not be readily stolen. Imagine spending loads of time planning your program, making scripts, recording, and editing your output. You’ve invested so many resources in crafting the perfect video content. Hence, you don’t want anyone to rip you off by claiming your video as their own. 

Why not Create Incomparable Work Online?

Unfortunately, this occurs very often in the online world. Not everyone has ethics, and some people tend to believe that everything is fair game. For this reason, placing a watermark that runs through all your videos can help protect your content. Your viewers will readily identify the videos as your work. Adding a watermark just takes a few minutes with a video maker online. Don’t skip it unless you want to see your work over the internet sporting another company’s logo. 

Why Use a Video Maker?

You can leverage technology and find tools online with your browser. A video maker protects your materials by making it easy for you to add a watermark. It can work seamlessly for both videos and photographs. An online tool allows you to protect your brand with ease as you can use a straightforward drag-and-drop editor. In other words, you can make a watermark in a matter of seconds. A video maker allows you to: 

  • Add custom image uploads 
  • Offer free graphics 
  • Support multiple fonts
  • Personalize the watermark
  • Play with effects 
  • Take advantage of the easy-user interface 

How to Add a Watermark on Videos?

If you feel lost about adding a watermark to all your videos, read up. The following contains a few pointers on how you can add the best video watermark to your digital content. If you follow this advice, you can create a beautiful and professional-looking watermark to enhance your brand. Let’s get started!

  1. Choose The Tool

There are many video makers online, but none of them is equal. However, do keep in mind that proper editing tools provide the option of adding a watermark. You can usually find this in one of the tabs in the toolbar. If your current editing software does not have this feature, you can now get hold of one readily online. In fact, some websites offer a free digital solution. All you have to do is research in your favorite search engine. 

  1. Consider the Specifications

After choosing your tool, you can begin designing your watermark. A helpful video editor will allow you to drag-and-drop effects through a seamless dashboard. When inserting a watermark for your work, several factors come into play. You need to take note of the following specifications:

  • Size of the image
  • Colors used
  • Added typography 
  • Opacity 
  • Position

All these come into play when you design your watermark. Remember, the main objective is to make it non-intrusive. Thus, you want it to be slightly visible, but the primary attention should still be on your video. The best watermarks will never dominate your content. Use the preview function of your tool to make sure that your watermark design remains classy. 

  1. Evaluate Adding a URL

It may also be a good idea to add your website URL as a watermark through the entire length of your video. After all, the main goal of sharing your content is to get the viewers to your website. You must not wait until the end to show your website address. The modern world’s people have diminished attention spans, so they may not even make it there. With your editing software aid, you can create a URL watermark and place it in your desired location.

Final Word

You should consider adding watermarks to your videos to prevent others from using your work without your permission. After all, it is never a nice feeling when someone steals your work. It can be upsetting, so protect yourself with a watermark. 

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